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Now I will begin. Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. The first little pig was very lazy. So he built a house out of straw. The second little pig worked a little bit harder, and he built a house out of sticks. The third little pig worked very hard, and he built a house out of stone. One day, a big, bad wolf came along and knocked on the first little pig's door. "Little pig, little pig, let me in," he said. "Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin," the little pig answered, to which the wolf replied, "Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in."
Mother telling the children a cautionary tale

Virtual Faith is the third episode of the first season of HBO Max's science fiction drama television series, Raised by Wolves. It premiered on September 3, 2020.


After the Mithraic kids fall sick, Campion believes Mother is poisoning them and plans an escape. As Mother and Father attempt to prove otherwise, Marcus and Sue work to convince the other surviving Mithraic to mount a rescue of the children, desperate to get their son Paul back.[1]



Father walks by a puddle of blood left by the creature killed by Mother. In the barracks, Hunter questions Tempest what they were - she does not know. All they say is it was animals of some kind. Hunter asks if they were humans, survivors of the Ark but Tempest says no. Vita cries to Holly she wants to go back. Mother comes to help the girl, but Vita tearfully tells her to go away. Mother tells her there is no need to be upset as Vita sobs and declares that with preparation, one can defend themselves against any threat. Hunter rejects the idea, adding it is better at times to just leave and go somewhere safe. Mother agrees, saying they will once Tempest gives birth. The group stares at the girl, her secret out in the open. Mother hears the wood creaking and asks the children if they want to hear the story of the three title pigs. Holly says that the Mithraic only allowed them to hear from the scriptures. Mother says they no longer need to follow those rules - for stories are great fun and can simplify complicated matters. Campion interjects, saying it will not make them feel better. Mother dismisses it, remarking that he loved the story. Campion declared he lied, and it felt stupid. She screams him at him that is enough, scolding him for dishonesty, disrespectfulness, and setting a bad example. Undeterred, Mother tells the story of the three little pigs.

Ten years earlier, a thousand Mithraic passengers make the thirteen-year journey to Kepler-22b aboard the Ark of Heaven. Their bodies stay in a physical state of hibernation, though their minds can interact with each other.

Marcus and Sue revel in the virtual landscape simulation the fact their new bodies kept their appearance, and comment on how time works differently. They spot Paul playing inside a Mithraic seal on the ground. Marcus says that they are his parents, and they should talk to him. Sue snaps back they are not.

Down with Paul, the pair give compliments to his holographic drawings. Paul, however, says she or he never talk to him and walks past them. The couple locks eyes, and Paul blames the simulation on people acting differently. Marcus notices that Sue looks about to wretch on the floor, and tells Paul there are places where kids can go play. When Paul leaves, Sue begins to panic, declaring she cannot be his mother, cannot be a mother. Marcus asks why, but Sue shoots back he knows why. She announces she will talk to Paul, to Marcus' encouragement.

In another section where a group of children, including Holly and Vita, are playing duck-duck-goose, they find Paul sitting alone. Marcus tells him to get up and asks why he is not playing with the other kids. Paul despondently responds they think he is weird. Marcus jokes he gets that from his mother, and Sue playfully says unless he does not think they are cool enough as she spins him. Marcus fools around with the other kids to their amusement as they play their own game of duck-duck-goose. Paul chases after Marcus and in a series of heartening moments, stumble into a cleric, who rhetorically asks if they are enjoying themselves. Conducting into a more serious manner, the cleric says she is pleased a man of war is bring back the joy in his life. She adds their new Eden will never know war, and that it is best now to master happiness. They praise Sol, and the small family go back into their game.

Suddenly, Marcus wakes to light in his eye and finds Sue checking on him, asking if he is all right. Marcus questions where Paul is, and reluctantly Sue confesses the necromancer took him and other kids before the Ark crashed, and they must get him back. The view pans to the remains on the ship, revealing survivors among the wreckage.

At the settlement, Hunter tells Campion they are lying - there is nothing out beyond out there. Campion admits that the Androids once told them that there were serpents in the pits to keep them from playing too near. Hunter is convinced the reinforcements they are carrying are not to keep things out - but them in. Father announces dinnertime, and while the five Mithraic leave, Campion stays put. Father apologizes if he hurt him, saying it was accidental. Campion rejects the apology as its not genuine, adding he is not his real father and he is just a generic service model. Father agrees, as a generic service model cannot protect this family, hence why he did not take Mother's eyes. Campion repeats that nothing is out there. Father understands if Campion does not take people on their word, given recent events he might worry if he did. He reiterates he wants to see Campion safe and grow old. The boy still thinks Father is trying to make himself feel more real, which Father insists. Campion tells him to forget though, but before he heads inside, Father gives him something called a claw, used for catching and killing.

The Mithraic kids cough as Hunter snidely remarks how Tempest hardly did any work today. Mother interjects that her body was working to nourish the fetus. Holly claps back that Hunter did not even do the work - Campion did anyway. Hunter tells her to shut up, and Tempest adds on he is not in charge anymore. Hunter reminds her who his father was. Tempest says he is dead, so is hers, and their stupid rules. Hunter warns her she will burn for that and she dramatically asks to be struck down. Mother scolds them, asking if they acted like that in Church. She asks Campion why he was late, but Father says it is his fault, which does not surprise Mother. She declares that dinner will continue with no conflict, only police conversations without Father's jokes. She asks Holly to choose a topic - the girl asks Tempest what she plans to name the baby. Tempest does not know the sex yet - Hunter says she should name the baby Otho if it's a boy. She tells him to shut up as Hunter elaborates that it is the most respectful thing to do, name it after the Heliodromus. Tempest snaps when Hunter accuses her of being glad that he picked her and slaps him. She gets up and attacks before Mother restrains her. In her arms, Tempest begins to cough up blood, and Mother takes her away.

At the Mithraic camp, Marcus explains to an elder how the atheists must have reprogrammed the necromancer to be a caregiver. The elder refuses the idea that atheists reprogrammed one of their necromancers. Marcus says she is reverting – she has killed all the children in her charge but one and will kill theirs next. The elder is doubtful they are still alive as their locators cannot tell them that. Marcus, however, is determined that the kids still live, and begs to take the soldiers for a rescue mission. The elder, as the highest-ranking survivor, still will not give him the order. He says the remains group must scavenge for food and water, and they must cremate the dead. Despite resistance given the children may not have the time, they will be no use for the children weakened as they are. Another soldier approaches, informing the elder they found his wife.

As a body burns with the priests chanting along, Marcus tells an emotional Sue if there is one true line in their big book of bullshit, it is that you reap what you sow and walks away.

As the sick children prepare for bed, Campion warns Father to stop Mother. He tells his son Mother is not doing this, but the boy interjects that he is not sick. Father replies that he is special in a way the Androids cannot understand but does not convince Campion, who rejoins the group.

Outside, Mother stares at the graves of her five dead children. As Father approaches, Mother wonders if she killed the Gen-1s without knowing it and if she is doing it again. Father assures her she is not, but she is not sure. Mother notes his strange mimicry in human love makes them less safe. She says if they confirm it is her doing, she wishes his help in destroying herself. Father resists, but Mother makes it clear it is for the sake of the children. She walks off and launches into the air.

At the Mithraic camp, Marcus surprises Sue and he asks how she was able to fake her medical skills. She responds she studied to be a doctor while in the Sim. She despairingly declares she should have been there to protect him and Marcus consoles her that Paul is a smart kid. Sue retorts that praying will not save him. He promises her he will get him back, and the couple makes up.

Marcus reminisces back in the Sim, where Paul explains the Pentagonal Prophecy - where an orphan boy in an empty land will rise as the prophet Peter Valerius and lead the Mithraic to where the city of peace will be built. Sue takes Paul into her arms, and he asks his father if he would have been a good soldier. Marcus says he would have, reliving a flashback as a child training furiously for the war, which included fighting against an adult while armed and running through a battlefield.

In the present, Marcus watches on as the Mithraic survivors open a pipe of fresh milk. A soldier named Lucius hands him a cup and introduces himself as the son of a man Marcus fought with. Marcus states he was a good man, to Lucius' confusion, questioning if he forgave his father yet. Marcus replies rhetorically that is what Sol teaches them, and gestures to the surface cracks from the impact, where a soldier confirms something lives down there.

Hearing Mother's scream, the startled soldiers look around in panic and begin to take refuge and hide as she approaches. One man gets the order to look above. Mother flies to the wreck of the plane and investigates. Opening a metal door and stepping inside, she uses her heat breath to melt the door and steals vials.

Underneath in the hole, the Elder wants to ambush Mother, but Marcus convinces not. Instead, they send a female Android out as bait, which distracts Mother. She paralyzes her with a scream and steals her eyes. Blind, the woman tries to escape and falls into a pit. Scanning the area, Mother flies up above and utters a shriek. The Mithraic, in pain, begin to retreat further into the underground tunnels, though one heads straight into a pit like the female soldier. Mother flies away, to the group's relief.

Father consoles Paul that humans are strong as he mourns his pet mouse, who he lost. Campion says he might know where it is, and gestures for Father to follow him.

They head into one of the storage mills. Campion claims to see it but cannot reach its hiding place. Father offers his help, while Campion discreetly heads outside and locks the door behind Father. The Android orders his son to open the door, but Campion refuses and runs back to the hut to alert the Mithraic kids. They head into the hit to collect Tempest, who asks what is happening. Campion informs her of Mother's lies, and Hunter adds there might be Ark survivors.

Campion gives them roots for energy and the kids begin to run away as Father counts down and breaks the door down. He yells Campion's name and runs to the stolen Mithraic launcher ship. Activating it and shifting through the holographic control system, he notices a red alert.

At the pit, Sue discovers two of the vials of the ground. Marcus asks her why one of the robed officials is humming near the pit where the blind woman fell. Marcus walks up and scolds her, though the official retorts the hum is proper for those who never had a soul, like her sister. He says he does not need any reassurance from a robot. The elder asks if there is any problem with his Android, and Marcus says no. Another Android soldier says the hum is a precious song usually sung after the executions of atheists, but Marcus makes the excuse that they could summon the necromancer back. A soldier announces that the ship's systems fried during Mother's attacks. The elder thus declares they must evacuate on foot. As they leave, Sue informs Marcus the vials are antibiotics and deduces the children are still alive.

In a sandy desert, Vita makes her hunger and thirst known as Tempest says she does not feel sick anymore. Campion warns them the effects will wear off soon - they will find the camp in a day or two. Paul stumbles in the back, his mouse escaping his clutch. He hears a whistle in the air.

In a flashback, Paul remembers when his father Marcus gave him the mouse as a gift. Paul is scared, begging him to not make him kill to Sue's discomfort. Marcus tells Paul they are not like that anymore and he does not want the mouse's death. Marcus says the mouse is also in the simulation, but it will also be there with him on the ship. Paul repeats the word pet, and his father tells him he needs to take care of it, with Sue adding forever. Paul says he will name it Mouse.

Back in the present, Paul continues to look for Mouse in the dead bushes when he comes across Tally's stick figure. Shaken, he jumps away but finds his pet. Paul calls for the rest of the kids but finds himself alone.

Sue shuffles through a holographic view of the landscape and victoriously finds the trackers of the lost children on the move, and notices Paul separated from them, but alive noteless. Marcus informs His Eminence that their children are moving, and the necromancer stole the medicine for them. He proposes a rescue operation with five of the other soldiers, but the elder rejects the idea of being unguarded. Marcus elevates his voice to the rest of the survivors, manipulating them into not abandoning Sol's children. The elder plays along, saying they will all go. The elder venomously whispers he still needs to learn the new hierarchy. The survivors continue in a parade through the deserts.

Mother arrives at the settlement, noticing her clan's absence and the broken door of the mill. Calling Campion's name, she finds the hut empty, as well as the igloo.

She screams outside, alerting Father who tells her to calm down. She quietly asks him where the children are. Her partner informs him the Mithraic children have implanted trackers and have not gone far. She asks about Campion and learns he is with them. mother storms into the ship, and seeing at the holographic map, says she will get Paul while Father gets the others. Father tells her to listen to his discovery - they never checked the pits where the carbos are in. Turns out, they were radioactive. As soon as they picked the carbos, the radiation spread. The Gen-1s were initially resistant to them but eventually succumbed to the radiation's effects. Mother is emotional at finally knowing she was not responsible for the deaths of the first five, but quickly recovers and tells Father to give the children antibiotics as soon as they find them. She thanks Father for trusting her.

The children have taken shelter, but the drugs have worn off. Tempest asks Campion if he has more. She says she has been feeling pain since yesterday but did not want to say anything in front of the android. She asks him once again if Mother's been poisoning them, but Campion is now unsure. Tempest says Mother was concerned; in a way she has never seen an android behave. Hearing a roar in the distance, Vita victoriously says she was right that things were out there, but Holly silences her. The roaring continues as a creature lurks outside. The children begin to pray in a panic, as the creature approaches. Vita sees something in a fog and throws a rock at it. Father catches it and furiously asks Campion if he has found that mouse.

Father takes the five children back. He tells Campion if he wants proof Mother is not poisoning them, which he is sure his son wants, recommends that he load a carbo in the bio-fuel tank and see for himself.

Campion proceeds to do such that, and as he sees the holographic displayed before him, apologies to his Mother. As he exits the launcher, Campion finds a creature on the roof about to pounce. He screams for Father, who saves him just in time. Father wrestles the creature into the ground and picks it up. Campion follows as Father ties the creature inside the mill and locks the door. He checks up on his son and tells the curious Mithraic children to go to bed. Campion apologizes to Father. He scolds Campion that he broke his trust and made him look like a fool, and declares if he cannot take care of them, then he is of no use to this family. Campion says he is useful and says he will tell mother he saved them. Father recommends that Campion get inside with the others.

In the woods, Mother calls out Paul's name as she looks for him. Paul makes it to the same rock formation the other kids were at and sees a silhouette. He hears a little girl giggle and sing as she runs away. Paul tells her to wait and begins to follow her, though soon loses her. Suddenly, the ground shakes and Paul falls into a hidden pit, managing to smack into a large branch in the middle with his bag just out of reach. He screams out his friends' name for help.



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Mother: "Now, let's continue our dinner without any further conflict. We will engage in polite conversation."
Father: "Perhaps you'd all like to hear..."
Mother: "Not jokes! Polite conversation. Holly, please choose a topic."
Holly: "Oh, okay. Uh, Tempest, I was wondering what you're going to name the baby."

Mother: "What if I killed the Gens-1s without knowing it, and now I'm doing it again?"
Father: "Mother, you would never do that"
Mother: "Perhaps you're only saying that because you have some misplaced belief"


  • The first three episodes of the series were all released at the same date and time.


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