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It was hard keeping us alive, but Mother and Father never complained, never got tired, or lost their temper. And they never took time for themselves, always making sure we were happy.
Campion about his android parents' efforts to raise him in the colony[src]

The atheists' colony on Kepler-22b, more often referred to as the "Settlement," was a colony built by atheist-programmed androids Mother and Father. In the aftermath of the atheists' defeat by the Mithraic in the Religious War on Earth, the atheist hacker Campion Sturges hoped to build a pacifist, atheist human civilization on Kepler-22b, but since the atheists lacked the ability to build colony ships like the Ark of Heaven, Sturges used a smaller and faster ship to send two androids and a seed population of humans transported as embryos to the distant planet. Although Sturges' colony mission reached Kepler-22b a full 12 years before the Mithraic ship, a lack of understanding of the planet's native ecosystem almost doomed it to failure.


After Earth was torn apart by religious differences and the human race teetered on the edge of extinction, an atheistic android architect named Campion Sturges sent two of his creations, Mother and Father, aboard a small, fast ship to start a peaceful atheist colony on the planet Kepler-22b. Mother and Father arrived at the planet in 2145 and built the Settlement within a matter of months, but their landing site was in a harsh, cold region some 3,000 miles away from the more comfortable tropical zone. Together, the androids attempted to raise six human children from embryos, but after 12 years only one survived, the other five having succumbed to the effects of the planet's radiation. Mother then kidnapped five Mithraic children from the Ark of Heaven to fill the void of those she lost, and forcibly converted them to atheism.[1]

After the arrival of the Tarantula, a colony ship bearing an Atheist collective led by the Trust, the Settlement was abandoned. The atheists recovered the six children, Sue, and the two androids and accepted them into Atheist Colony One in the tropical zone.



Former Residents

  • Spiria (deceased)
  • Tally (deceased)
  • Gabin (deceased)
  • Mariall (deceased)
  • Walden (deceased)


  • Marcus (currently; invaded)
  • Sue (currently; invaded)
  • Lucius (currently; invaded)
  • Justina (currently; invaded)
  • Bartok (currently; invaded)

Former Visitors

  • Jinn (android; deactivated)
  • Payen (deceased; killed by Mother)
  • Cleric (deceased; killed by Mother)
  • Ambrose (deceased)


Season 1


  • The atheists' colony on Kepler-22b contains the last known remaining survivors of the atheists.