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Season 2 of HBO Max's Raised by Wolves was renewed on September 17, 2020,to also be produced in South Africa.[3][4]


In season two of RAISED BY WOLVES, Android partners Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (Abubakar Salim), along with their brood of six human children, join a newly formed atheistic colony in Kepler-22b’s mysterious tropical zone. But navigating this strange new society is only the start of their troubles as Mother’s “natural child” threatens to drive what little remains of the human race to extinction.[5]





  • Michael Pennington voices The Trust
  • Joseph May voices Holo-Sphere
  • Richard Lothian voices Tank/Bomber Computer
  • Carel Nel as Bic/Able
  • Natalie Robbie as Marcella
  • Loulou Taylor as Cassia
  • Susan Danford as Justina
  • Litha Bam as Bartok


# Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate No. in series
1 RBW S2E1 Promotional Image 02.jpg The Collective[2] Aaron Guzikowski Ernest Dickerson February 3, 2022 11
As they join the atheist collective, Mother, Father and the children are met with threats and intimidation while they struggle to assimilate. Meanwhile, Marcus has found the ruins of an ancient church and begins recruiting members to fill its walls.[2]
2 RBW S2E2 Promotional Image 02.jpg Seven[2] Aaron Guzikowski Ernest Dickerson February 3, 2022 12
After Campion is hurt during his first encounter with the serpent, Mother must reconcile her feelings for her natural child as the collective is ordered by the Trust to hunt it down. Marcus comes to believe the serpent will help him find the Tree of Knowledge and sets off to find it before the atheists do. [2]
3 Good Creatures Promotional Images 13.jpg Good Creatures[2] Julian Meiojas Sunu Gonera February 10, 2022 13
Using his mysterious new powers, Marcus rescues a group of Mithraic prisoners, while Mother discovers the serpent is not a maneater but an herbivore. Father works through his frustration over Mother’s decision to spare the serpent’s life by engrossing himself in his work project, the regeneration of an ancient android.[2]
4 RBWS2E4Control Promotional Image 11.jpg Control[2] Karen Campbell Sunu Gonera February 17, 2022 14
After the Trust uses Paul to strike back against Marcus, Mother confronts the Trust and threatens a coup. Meanwhile, on the run from Mother, Marcus has to keep his followers from losing faith as his powers suddenly disappear.[2]
5 RBW S2E5 King Promotional Image 09.jpg King[2] Aaron Guzikowski Alex Gabassi February 24, 2022 15
Mother struggles to keep the collective from falling apart as she struggles to lead while Sue resorts to prayer in her desperation to cure Paul. Meanwhile, Marcus and his followers are given new hope as they discover an ancient temple. But as Marcus investigates the temple’s secrets, Decima and the rest of his followers are made to answer for their sins.[2]
6 RBW206The TreePromotional Image01.jpg The Tree[2] Aaron Guzikowski Alex Gabassi March 3, 2022 16
As they try and fail to open the seed box, Sue and Paul realize they need Marcus’s help. Sue makes a plan to break Marcus out of the brig while Mother is distracted with the imminent birth of Tempest’s baby. But when Sue, Paul and Marcus finally open the seed box, they make a horrifying discovery.[2]
7 RBW S2E7 Feeding Promotional Image 04.jpg Feeding Aaron Guzikowski Lukas Ettlin March 10, 2022 17
A reeling Marcus and Paul join forces with Mother to disarm the newly weaponized serpent before it wreaks unimaginable havoc.[8]
8 RBW S2E8 HappinessPromotional03.jpg Happiness Aaron Guzikowski Lukas Ettlin March 17, 2022 18
Grandmother reveals her own agenda, Marcus seeks revenge, and Mother sets out to neutralize the serpent – but is leveled by the fallout.[9]



On May 20, 2021, Peter Christoffersen, Selina Jones, Morgan Santo, James Harkness, Kim Engelbrecht, and Jennifer Saayeng joined the cast in starring roles for the second season.[7]


On March 8, 2021, actor Abubakar Salim announced that filming was in progress.[10] Jennifer Saayeng, who plays Nerva in the second season, announced on Instagram that the filming for second season wrapped on August 15.[11] On February 2, 2022, it was confirmed that unlike Season 1, the episode count was 8 instead of 10.[1][12]


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  • On September 1, 2021, in an interview for GQ South Africa Daniel Lasker mentioned how his “agent contacted me one day and told me I had an audition for Ridley Scott’s new Sci-Fi series, Raised By Wolves. I couldn’t believe it at first, and I was so nervous for the audition, but then I was euphoric once I found out they cast me. Raised By Wolves is such a wild set to be working on, it is massive! Sets don’t get much bigger than that, and to be working in that environment alongside such incredible industry heavyweights was an honour. Just by being in that epic, high pressured environment, I grew and experienced so much and literally felt like I got to go to another planet”.[13]
  • On December 7, 2021, some BTS images for the season were released by Abubakar Salim on Twitter.[14]
  • On January 21, 2022, the official Instagram account for the series released some promotional images for the second season.[15]
  • On January 27, 2022, it was teased that part of Mother and Father's journey focuses on androids that are obviously robots, which makes the ways in which Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (Abubakar Salim) grapple with moral choice even more consistently intriguing. In an early scene at the start of season two, Father for example reassures Mother that she is “good,” and we can see a range of emotions flicker through her tensed, not-quite-human face. What does “goodness” mean to a machine? Are Mother’s human-like impulses helping her to be a better caregiver? Or are they adding complications to the team’s central mission? And, perhaps most strikingly, when Mother’s serpent-like natural child reappears in the tropical zone, will her instincts tell her to kill or protect it?[16]
  • On January 30, 2022 some BTS images were released to promote the second season by the official twitter account for the series.[17]
  • As of February 03, 2022, the podcast episodes for season 2 are available Apple devices.[18]
  • Also on February 03, 2022, Season 2 jumps ahead about six months after the Season 1 finale. Mother and Father are discovered and revived by an Atheist settlement in Kepler-22b’s Tropical Zone. There, they meet The Trust, an omnipotent supercomputer responsible for controlling the lives of the Atheists, and are reunited with Sue and the children. However there is trouble afoot. Some of the Atheists are skeptical of the Mithraic kids, going so far as to threaten Mother and Father and their brood. Elsewhere, Marcus has discovered a hidden temple to Sol in a cave. Here, he is amassing his new community, starting with liberated Mithraic scientist Decima (Kim Engelbrect) and her android daughter, Vrill. And let’s not forget Mother’s natural-born child, the snake monster, is slithering around.[19]
    • There are multiple hints that Mother, aka Lamia, might have more in common with The Trust than meets the eye. Guzikowski confirmed to Decider that Mother’s creator/lover Campion Sturges (Cosmo Jarvis) also created The Trust.[19]
    • “It’s not gonna be Hal necessarily,” Guzikowski said, comparing it to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey machine, “but I think just doing what it does can also be a problem.”[19]
    • Guzikowski shared that although The Trust is connected to Campion Sturges, we won’t see him return to Raised By Wolves — yet.[19]
    • “We tease a bit of him. You will not see him, but you will learn more about him. Perhaps in Season 3, we’ll once again gaze upon him,” Guzikowski said in a way that suggested he was more than just teasing a Campion Sturges scene in a potential Season 3.[19]
    • “Vrill is interesting,” Guzikowski said. “She’s a mimic android, so she’s an android that’s built to be exactly like some human being. In this case, it was the daughter of this quantum gravity engineer that we meet who was a very troubled child and ended up dying on Earth. Her mother had her recreated as this android.”[19]
    • Guzikowski also confirmed to Decider that the audiencewill learn more about the “real” Vrill in future episodes of Raised By Wolves Season 2.[19]
    • Guzikowski went onto say that “Vrill has this interesting kind of inner conflict that she’s a mimic, and she mimics Vrill, the girl on Earth, and yet she’s also this android that is separate from the entity that she’s supposed to be mimicking. And it’s interesting, she always talks about if only she could just be and not have to mimic and all of these sort of interesting ideas.”[19]
    • One character who might help Vrill wrestle with these ideas is none other than Winta McGrath’s Campion who — along with Paul (Felix Jamieson) who meet Vrill in Raised By Wolves Season 2 Episode 2.[19]
    • In addition, “[Vrill] eventually crosses paths with Campion and interestingly, Campion’s mother is an android and in a lot of ways he relates to androids better than he does to other human beings because that’s what he knows,” Guzikowski said. “They do start forming this interesting relationship.”[19]
    • Moreover, Guzikowski for his part said that “I think this season, a big part of it is that Mother has all of this guilt over what happened with Number Seven last year, and she feels a great deal of regret for having gone and gotten impregnated and given birth to this serpent child and kind of in her mind, neglecting her family and causing all of this chaos and horror and so on and so forth.”[19]
    • As for where Marcus is in season 2, “Yeah, I think sometimes you have to go a little crazy before you can come to a place of where you really figure it out,” Guzikowski said. “And I think [Marcus] went out there and then he came back. Now he’s trying to reform this religion in terms that he understands: something more about family and humanity, while retaining the parts of religion that he finds to be real and authentic.”[19]
    • Guzikowski further confirmed Marcus was “throwing away the idea of the hierarchy and the stuff that was going on on Earth with the Mithraic… It was more corrupt. It was more about power and it was being used to oppress people.”[19]
    • While Marcus still isn’t a “good guy” per se. “Marcus now is more, is a little bit Charles Manson, but a good natured Charles Manson,” Guzikowski said. “He does really have a point in some sense that you know, The Trust isn’t necessarily the answer. Maybe machines and androids aren’t necessarily always a good idea. Maybe we don’t need all of that stuff.”[19]
    • “I didn’t want him to go so far out there that there was just no way home for him,” said Guzikowski, “but he’s not fully benevolent either obviously. He’s a broken man. He thinks he’s loving people but he really just needs love. He’s so needy. He’s this ex-child soldier and that’s what he wants, he wants attention and love and he thinks he’s giving it back but really I think it’s more about power in a weird sort of twisted way with him. He’s a fascinating guy.”[19]
    • “It’s interesting because at first Mother is really disturbed because at first,she’s given a job to take care of the children of the collective and she likes being seen that way, as this benevolent force,” Guzikowski said. “But then she gets a very different job to inflict violence on someone and it’s not just anyone. It’s someone who actually perpetrated this crime against her family.”[19]
    • “So she’s very disturbed, but when she shares it with Father, oddly enough, Father actually takes it as a positive because in his mind, he’s like, ‘Well, this actually is good, this means there is justice. They actually punish that guy for trying to intimidate our Mithraic children which means, we’re in the right place!’ Because they’re androids, they’re actually weighing a bit differently,” Guzikowski said[19].
  • Also on February 3, 2022, Amanda Collin and Abubakar Salim sat down with EW to have a Q & A session in preparation for Season 2.[20]
    • It was revealed Salim in addition to acting is also the founder and CEO of independent video game studio Silver Rain Games, and during this interview he was all smiles and belly laughs. Whereas the Danish Collin (who won awards in Denmark for her leading role in A Horrible Woman) has a dry, fearless wit that can be more dangerous than anything Mother could conjure on screen.[20]
    • EW asked Collin and Salim about what the key to playing a robot. Collin said that "Luckily, we are born in the first scene, so we couldn't really do it wrong. And then we talked to executive producer Ridley Scott a lot about cadence... So we worked a lot on posture and little things here and there. And then for season 2, it all went to hell.[20].
    • Salim for his part said that, "It felt like there wasn't really much of a key. It was more about the idea of we were lucky to be born in that first scene and essentially treating everything as if we're seeing it for the first time. There is something quite almost ethereal about it all. I think it was either the first day or the second day doing a walk and then Ridley telling me, "Don't walk like that." I was like, "Oh, okay, cool. Robots don't walk that way." We were finding our own answers even to our own questions that we were discovering. There isn't even necessarily a key. It's more about exploration.[20]
    • Regarding the android unitard Salim and Collin wear on the show, he joked that the first time he had to wear it, he didn't even have the role yet. But he was showed an image of Amanda in the costume just doing all these weird stretches and stuff. And he was like, "I can't do this. I'm going to rip this thing."[20]
    • Salim also said that the suits makes them sweat so much, so you kind felt like you were constantly working out. But honestly, it's one of those suits where when it's cold, it's freezing. When it's hot, you're cooking. There's no right temperature, except when you're inside. I used to love studio days. Those were the best.[20].
    • Collin for her part said that "When it's really hot, we have this cooling truck that they use to transport meat that we can walk into"[20].
    • Salim and Collin were also asked "what are the bathroom breaks like?". To Which Salim said that "they definitely required quite a few hands in order to make it happen. One thing I don't understand, and I never will understand, is why they don't have a zip down there. You know what I mean? It's like, they have a zip at the back. Why don't they have a zip in the front?". Whereas Collin said that, "Imagine how many people that it would require to paint that zip away in a very uncomfortable area. I can usually make people very uncomfortable by being like, "Who can tell if I had my period?"[20].
    • Lastly, both were asked what is their favorite thing about filming in Cape Town? To which Salim stated that "Honestly, it was hanging out with Amanda for like eight months at a time. I generally adore working with Amanda". Whereas Collin said that while she finds what Salim said sweet, "I can't say the same. For me, it's the sea. Sorry."[20].
  • On February 7, 2022, promotional posters for Mother & Father were released for Season 2.[21]
    • Also on this day, Raised By Wolves showrunner Aaron Guzikowski said that the inspiration for the Tropical Zone’s wildest new feature "probably came from when I was a kid, it was some game, pretending something’s acid or whatever it is. And I love that idea. I love seeing the ocean as something dangerous, something you can’t even go into,” Guzikowski said. “I also love the idea, again, of taking things from Earth and putting them on these alien planets. Because there’s so much about Earth that’s alien when you think about it. We just take so many things for granted and we have these oceans and at the bottom of these oceans are these basically another universe where there’s all this stuff going on that we really have no idea about.”[22]
  • On February 9, 2022, Aaron Guzikowski teased the dangers and mysteries of the new season, from snake children to super powers...[23]
  • On February 13, 2022, Abubakar Salim tweeted to say that he was really proud that Season 2 was rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and had received an 82% audience score.[24]
  • On February 14, 2022 a promotional poster for Travis Fimmel as Marcus was released through the official social media account for the series.[25]
  • On February 21, 2022 a promotional poster for Niamh Algar as Sue was released through the official social media account for the series.[26]
  • On February 28, 2022 two new promotional posters featuring Campion and Paul were released through the series official Twitter account.[27]
  • On March 7, 2022, another promotional poster was rleased through Twitter.[28]
  • On March 8, 2022, the official Twitter it was announced that for a chance to win acustom Karl action figure one needed to follow them @raisedwolvesMAX + @heromode and subsequently reply by 11:59AM PT on 3/9 with what you think is the most interesting part of The Tropical Zone.[29][30]
  • Similarly, on March 10, the official twitter account for the series also had similar guideline for a chance to win a custom Vrille action figure...[31]
  • On March 14, 2022 a promotional poster for Grandmother was released.[32]
    • Also on this day, the official Twitter went onto announce that there was also a chance to win a custom Father action figure.[33]
    • A promotional image of Morgan Santo as Vrille was subsequently released too.[34]
    • A promotional moving image of Niamh Algar as Sue was also released on Twitter.[35]
  • On March 15, 2022 a promotional image of Hunter was released by the series' official Twitter account.[36]
  • On March 16, 2022, the series official Twitter account went onto announce a chance to win a custom #RBW2 Mother action figure.[37]
    • Also on the day a promotional image of Lucius was released by the series' official Twitter account.[38]
  • On March 17, 2022, the series' official Twitter account went onto announce a chance to win 1 of 10 custom Raised By Wolves Oculus Headsets.[39]
  • As of March 18, 2022, the official sountrack featured throughout the second season was made available across multiple streaming platforms.[40]
    • One of the many questions Ridley Scott was asked was if he'd consider sitting in the director's chair for a potential season 3 of the series, to which Scott said "never say never" and that it was always a possibility.[41]
  • On March 22, 2022, a promotional image of Grandmother with her vail on was released by the series official Twitter account.[42]


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