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I thought this was a virgin planet, no prior civilization. This has intelligent design... Symmetry. It has five points, like in the prophecy. "You'll know them by their shape and their number." The temples in the holy land, where Sol hid the answers to the Mithraic Mysteries.
— Ambrose[src]

The Mithraic dodecahedron is a large stone object that was discovered on Kepler-22b by the surviving Mithraic colonists of the Ark of Heaven. It is also referred to by the Mithraics as the temple, because the dodecahedron is a key symbol of their religion.


During their exploration of Kepler-22b, the Mithraic colonists discovered a large stone dodecahedron in a desert near the Ark of Heaven's crash site. One facet of the object bears a hole in its center. Due to the artifact's unnatural shape, the colonists believed it was evidence of prior civilization on the planet, and was even a sign from Sol. The artifact was warm to the touch, although it later became cold, until an unknown stimulus caused it to suddenly immolate Ambrose, the leader of the Mithraics. It also caused Marcus to begin hearing supposedly supernatural whispers in his head, which, in turn, led to the colonists deciding to make him their new leader over Justina.[1] Marcus came to believe that he is the boy foretold in the Mithraic prophecy, after the whispers showed him a vision.[2]

When Marcus later returned to the temple to ask it how to find Sue and the children, he brought Hunter with him. Believing Hunter to know where the children were, Marcus forced Hunter's arm into artifact's hole to burn him and make him to confess. Hunter denied knowing, and when Marcus released him, Hunter was completely unharmed despite having clearly experienced great pain. The other Mithraic colonists interpreted this as the temple healing Hunter because he was telling the truth.[3]

The origins of the dodecahedron are unknown. However, its shape suggests a link with the cage or housing of the ancient android-like being Mother saw in a vision, indicating that it may have been built by the same civilization.


The dodecahedron is allegedly the structure recited in the Mithraic prophecy "You'll know them by their shape and their number. The temples in the holy land, where Sol hid the answers to the Mithraic Mysteries."


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