Louis Matias Karl Padin Varela (born 23 June 1980), known professionally as simply Matias Varela, is a Swedish actor of Spanish descent. He portrays Lucius in Raised by Wolves.

Press Release Edit

Matias was most recently seen on the third season of Narcos for Netflix. In 2019 he can be seen starring in Jesper Ganslandt’s feature film 438 Days alongside Gustaf Skarsgård. Previously, Varela was seen opposite Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard and Alicia Vikander in director Justin Kurzel’s Assasin’s Creed. Other recent credits include a recurring arc on The Borgias; the Point Break remake opposite Edgar Ramirez; starring in the Swedish series Arne Dahl; and starring in the Swedish Easy Money (Snabba Cash) franchise trilogy of films.[1]


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