I told you, we're not like that anymore. I don't want you to kill it either. It's a pet, a pet mouse. Well, it's actually an avatar for a real mouse. It's in hibernation. You know what that means? It means that when you wake up, he's still gonna be there.
— Marcus giving his son, Paul, a pet mouse[src]

Marcus, born Caleb, is a main character on the television series Raised by Wolves. He is portrayed by Travis Fimmel.

Caleb is a high-ranking soldier for the Mithriac under false pretenses, donning the stolen alias of Marcus. As the state of the Earth rapidly began to decline during the Religious War in 2145,[1] he and his wife, Mary, had an android perform surgery on them, in order to make them look like a Mithraic couple set to relocate to the new world. After killing the original couple, they assumed Marcus and Sue's identities and boarded the Heaven’s Ark in their place.[1]

Upon doing so, they discovered that the couple had a son, Paul, forcing them to quickly adjust to being his parents without arousing suspicion. They soon realized that Paul's real parents were highly neglectful and borderline abusive, which left him antisocial, traumatized, and knowing very little about his parents' lives. As "Marcus and Sue," they decided to raise him properly over the years that followed, showing him love and affection and allowing him to get to know his, unbeknownst to him, new parents.[2]

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Travis Fimmel (Vikings) plays Marcus, a roguish, charismatic soldier, who was the ultimate survivor back on Earth. To escape the doomed planet, Marcus and his wife Sue made a dangerous decision to keep their secret at all costs. But now that they’ve arrived in the new world, Marcus is struggling to reconcile the sins of his past, even as he continues to embrace the killer instincts that have always kept him alive.[3]

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On Earth, at the peak of the Religious War, Caleb and his wife, Mary, decided to forge a new path for themselves. Using the help of a stolen android, they changed their appearances and took the identities of Marcus and Sue, two individuals set to travel to the new world with the Mithraic. Since becoming Marcus, Caleb has had to be a fierce, sharp-witted soldier, while keeping up appearances to prevent arousing suspicion among the Mithraic, as well as being a father to Paul, the son of the couple whose lives they stole.

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