My name is Lucius. You fought with my father on Earth in the Battle of Boston. His name was Malius. {...} So, you have forgiven him?
— Lucius to Marcus

Lucius is a recurring character on the television series Raised by Wolves. He is portrayed by Matias Varela.

Lucius is a soldier who joined the new world, in order to make up for the failings of his father, hoping to restore his legacy.[1]

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Lucius, a kind hearted, loyal soldier–with a likeability, warmth and protectiveness but also a soldier’s build and a history of fighting and made a critical error due to compassion he showed for the enemy — something Lucius has tried to make up for in his life by hardening himself — but his heart’s not in it. He has an outsized conscience.[2]

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  • Lucius' father was executed by the "real" Marcus.

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