She appears to be a low-end model. I don't anticipate any difficulty in shutting her down.
— Jinn talking about deactivating Mother[src]

Jinn is a minor character on the television series Raised by Wolves. He is portrayed by Joshua James.

An android affiliated with the Mithraic, Jinn accompanied three soldiers from the Heaven's Ark in visiting Kepler-22b. When the soldiers revealed their plan to deactivate Mother and take Campion with them, they gave Jinn orders to take her out. He did not anticipate a struggle, noting that Mother was a "low-end model." However, she ultimately bested and deactivated him, as well as killed two of three of the soldiers.[1]

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A generic android programmed to be a soldier, Jinn is void of any actual feelings or emotions felt by organic features. He has no personality — not even a programmed one that mimics human traits. He is cold, calculated, and follows his superiors' orders without hesitation. However, he does smoke during his idle time. It is unknown whether this is a part of his programming or a self-developed trait.

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Mother and Campion awakens to the sound of radio broadcasting. They witness other humans arriving to the scene. Mother begs Caspian to not tell them what she is as the soldiers approach and greet them by asking their faith. Mother responds they are not believers. A different soldier approach behind them, announcing them as the Mithraic, who believed all of Earth's survivors were with them. He asks how they got here, though Mother refuses to answer. She kindly tells them to get off their land. One of the soldiers approach them with a crop, telling the pair they respond to the signaled and, seeing their farming, respond they're very hungry.

At dinner, Campion helps distribute the food. asking a soldier if their friend is even hungry, referring to the one smoking outside. The soldier jokes he's not as he is an android. Another asks Campion how many there are, though clarifies how many there was. The boy says his father passed away a few days ago, and the soldier expresses his condolences. Campion asks if they're all warriors -the elderly black male says he's a cleric, but his companions did fought in a war. Mother asks how many landers did their Ark deploy, and is answered by there's three, including the men's. She presumes they found the perfect region to start their colony, to their confirmation. However, they can;t land there, but is told this region is a good candidate to land their Ark. Mother informs the the soil is grown increasingly infertile and the nights getting colder, recommending them the other side of the equator. She once again asks for their departure, but the man says he fears they won't make it to their lander in time before night. Campion begs Mother to let them stay, to her reluctance. She gets up and the man asks for her name - she introduces herself as Lamia but says she doesn't want to know their names before he can reply.

Mother escorts the visiting Mithraic soldiers to the igloo, though Jinn settles outside. Inside, the soldiers let on they know she's an android, and remarks they must have gotten here faster on a smaller craft with human embryos. The cleric remarks on the orphan boy who dwells on an empty land, and his comrade adds the prophet who will discover the Mithraic mysterious. They speculate they're could be others - while the boy may be a prophet, they agree to take him with them as she's malfunctioning. They call on their android, Jinn, and order him to take her out. Jinn agrees, calling her a low end model and doesn't anticipate a struggle.

As first light, Campion catches the men gathering their crops though is dismissed by the majority. The head soldier tells him to come, and he questions him on the android. Campion, refusing to lie, begs him if he can fix her as Mother overhears. He's assured by the soldier he can, as they got more than 1,000 people across the galaxy in one piece. He tells the boy to visit the Ark, but he's unsure. The man tells Campion she's becoming dangerous as she breaks down, but Campion doesn't want to leave Mother. At the mention of the man's son and live animals. Mother becomes enraged, and begins to walk to her son, though Jinn engages her in a battle. The man grabs Campion and runs as the boy screams for her. Inside the hut, Mother suffers a beatdown, but she overpowers Jinn. Outside, she punches the man holding Campion and in a series of supersonic screams, kills the other three soldiers. She tries to calm a scared Campion, but notices the head soldier running away. Kissing him on the head, she goes after him, transforming to her metallic form and flies off.

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  • Jinn has a smoking habit.
  • Jinn is a "high-end" model of android, according to himself.

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