I-I wish we had more time. {...} This is the reason for all my work. This is the reason why I created you. This... and you... are the future of humanity. {...} Inside this craft are a number of frozen human embryos. I've modified your body so you're capable of bringing them to term once you land on Kepler-22b. {...} You will raise these children to be atheists. The new world that you start won't have the same problems that ended our world here on Earth. You are humanity's last hope.
Campion Sturges

Infected Memory is the fifth episode of the first season of HBO Max's science fiction drama television series, Raised by Wolves. It premiered on September 10, 2020.

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Marcus moves forward with a plan to rescue the Mithraic children, but first he has to find them. Back at the settlement, Campion and Paul bond while on a hunting expedition with Father, and Mother attempts to learn more about her origins.[1]

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Now leader of the Mithraic, Marcus leads Sue and the rest of the order on a rescue mission, encountering a surprising new ally along the way. Campion and Paul grow to trust one another as they discover a potential new food source for the colony. While Mother discovers hidden memories within her memory banks that reveal the full import of her mission, Tempest's despair reaches the breaking point. As the Mithraic draw close to the settlement, Marcus is haunted by a series of bizarre visions.[2]

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  • Cosmo Jarvis as Campion Sturges
  • Susan Danford as Justina
  • Litha Bam as Bartok
  • Clayton Evertson as Dorian
  • Lolou Taylor as Cassia
  • Garth Breytenbach as Den
  • Anlia Van Rensburg as Kroni
  • Chris Fisher as Halphas
  • Tristan De Beer as Grigorgi
  • Grace Li as Tally

Quotes Edit

Marcus: "Gather around. Now that Ambrose has been consigned to the heavens, we must press on. Our stolen children wait for us to save them, and save them we will."
Justina: "And as the highest ranked cleric after Ambrose, I intend to hear your advice on how to do that. Who put you in charge?"
Lucius: "This man heard the voice of Sol last night. He saved us from the thrall of a faithless commander. I say he's a prophet. Do I speak for all of us when I say this man's advice is our command?"
Justina: "That is not how the line of succession works."
―The crashed Mithraic arguing over Marcus

Holly: "Pork. Tastes like pork."
Vita: "Which part is the baby?"
The children at the settlement eating the creature killed by Tempest

Mother: "Are you experiencing some kind of sensory malfunction?"
Father: "My senses are functioning normally, but I cannot be everywhere at once."
Mother: "I accept your limitations, Father."
Father: "My limitations?"
Mother: "The limitations of your processing power."
Father: "Limited as it may be, you know full well that I devote every ounce of my processing power to the well being of this family, and to trying to make you happy, Mother."
Mother: "We're not human. True happiness is not an achievable goal."
Father: "Well, perhaps it's a symptom of my inadequacy, but I believe it is."
―Mother and Father arguing

Justina: "That man raped several women while their bodies were in hibernation. He was sentenced to die. The Tribunal decided his fate weeks ago."
Marcus: "Well, that was before the rest of humanity died on the ark, was it not? Maybe he can be useful."
―The Mithraic discussing the Heliodrumus prisoner

Marcus: "Maybe we take this helmet off so we can talk like civilized people."
Android: "That is ill advised, sir. [I am] Limiting Emergency-Automated Servo-Habit. LEASH. I'm a mobile prison system. Do not worry, sir. He can do no harm as long as I'm installed. The android is inextricably bound to the helmet the prisoner wears."
―Marcus and the android assigned to the prisoner

Mother: "Death is a part of life, Tempest."
Tempest: "You're a necromancer. Of course you're cool with death."
Mother: "Please don't use that word when referring to me. I prefer the name given to me by my creator."
Tempest: "No offense, but reprogramming something like you to raise kids... I think your creator was kind of insane."
Mother: "He was able to see beyond the limits of his own existence, and so will you when you have your child."
―Mother and Tempest about her nature

Campion: "Mother and Father don't like it when I take risks."
Paul: "I won't tell."
Campion: "I know. I trust you."
Paul: "You do?"
Campion and Paul bonding

Tempest: "I don't want to exist."
Mother: "Then your brain is sick, and that is a problem we can remedy."
Tempest: "No. You can't fix me. I'm not an android. And you don't care about me anyway. You only care about the baby. I'm just a walking incubator to you."
Mother: "No. You are all my children. And I refuse to let any of you die. No matter how hard you make that job for me."
―Mother and Tempest after her suicide attempt

Father: "I know it's outside the realm of possibility, but... you seem happy."
Mother: "Just grateful that Tempest and her baby are still with us."
Father: "Grateful? Grateful to whom?"
Mother: "Our creator, of course."
Father: "Why?"
Mother: "It's not a literal statement, Father, but I firmly believe that if we continue with this mission, a great future awaits us."
Father: "Mother. You're starting to sound like a believer."
Mother: "What an odd thing to say. Our creator was real. A human. It doesn't require any faith to believe in him."
―Mother and Father after she retrieved her memories of their creator

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