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Do you think you have what it takes to be a good parent? {...} My creator did. I am what he programmed me to be... A caregiver, a mother. What do you have to give a child? You've only known destruction, loss. Never nurtured anything in your life. How would you know how to nurture? You use people, as you've used those believers. You are not equipped to raise a child when you're nothing more than a lost boy yourself. Paul is better off without you... and you know it. Lost boy.
Mother to Marcus

Faces is the seventh episode of the first season of HBO Max's science fiction drama television series, Raised by Wolves. It premiered on September 17, 2020.


Marcus’s decisions stress his relationship to his family as he struggles to maintain his clout as leader of the Mithraic. Mother is able to see Marcus for who he truly is, which threatens his power and puts Mother in a precarious situation she might not recover from. Meanwhile, Campion is faced with a choice that could result in dire consequences.[3]



Episode 7 of Raised by Wolves begins with Campion racing toward Mother who lies bleeding out. As Marcus and his soldiers arrive, he brandishes a gun and a stand-off ensues. With her dying breath, Mother convinces him to drop the gun and end this in peace. This peacefulness leads to them barricading Campion inside one of the huts while Marcus holds Mother up captive.

On the back of this, Sue berates Marcus about using Paul for his selfish desires. Now that they have him back, Marcus wants to take this one step further and aims to reprogram Mother into his image and work with him. As he looks down at the android, he is surprised to see that same familiar needle he hallucinated with during episode 5.

When Marcus heads back to speak to Mother, she comments on his surgical scars and realizes his secret. The two verbally spar about the future of humanity and the path it should take next. She decides the future should feature no war or suffering. Marcus laughs and mentions the Ark, specifically all the people she killed onboard. At a stalemate, Marcus instructs no one is to enter the tent without his approval first. Elsewhere, they reprogram Father to be just like every other android.

With Mother and Father now gone, Tempest of all people is the one to come to their aid. She mentions to the other kids how these two rescued them from the soldiers and gave them a home. Banding together, Tempest heads out to visit Campion, locked up alone. It is here she confirms that they have reprogrammed Father and hands him some fungus to eat.

A Whisper In The Wind

As Tempest leaves, Campion starts hearing whispers uttering “we miss you.” As he clutches a bone, the voices goad him to “kill his Father.” Could this be another version of the same possession Marcus is experiencing right now?

Marcus eventually heads back in and speaks to Mother. She mentions how she has programming to be a caregiver. Marcus meanwhile only serves his own self interests. As she continues, Mother calls him a lost boy and comments he should not raise Paul. It gets under his skin too, but Sol’s voice continues to tell Marcus to let her live.

That evening, the group hold a baptism for Campion. Reluctantly, he joins the rest of the community as they gather and watch. Campion repeats the sacred words. Only, just before he finishes the scripture, he notices the stones symbolizing the children left behind. The soldiers simply shrug at their symbolic meaning and try to convince Campion they do not mean anything. It is for atheists.

Angry, he struggles to calm himself. This worsens when Paul arrives and tells them it means nothing. As he looks to walk away, Father stops Campion and puts him back in the silo.

Mother’s Fate

As Marcus heads back in the tent, Sue arrives and smacks him in the mouth. On the back of shoving Paul, this is her retribution. That is not all though. She pleads with him to reprogram Mother, but he refuses. It looks like he is listening to Sol after all and sparing the android’s life. But why?

That evening Campion continues to experience hallucinations. This time though it involves the rope before him and whispers in the air. Those ghostly whispers materialize themselves in the form of Tally. She arrives in a robe and whispers that he is alone now. Encouraging him to look outside, Campion watches as Father drags Mother away at Marcus’ command.

Tempest watches this same scene unfold and follows them into the forest. Those same four-legged creatures from before having come to stalk them from afar too. Tempest hides behind rocks and watches Marcus from afar. Just before he slides the android into the hole, Sol speaks again and tells Marcus to let her live.

That eventually manifests itself in the form of a strange figure with markings over his face. In a scene reminisce of Netflix’s Annihilation, the two figures seem to be in sync. Marcus and this doppelganger copy one another’s moves. While they fight, Mother saves herself from the hole with a little help from a stationary Father.

Elsewhere, Paul finds his pet mouse, but Sue is concerned. That concern is well called for as Marcus stumbles back to the settlement. She finds his cuts deep and self-inflicted. As he whispers about the prophecy, the episode ends.



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  • In this episode Mary said "Jesus Christ". It's the first time that Christianity is shown in the series.


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