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I told you. I told you they weren't lying. There are things alive out there. No one ever believes me because I'm small, but I was right.
Vita about the creatures[src]

The unidentified species of creature native to the habitable planet Kepler-22b is a highly aggressive species portrayed as being primal, predatory, violent, and hostile. The creatures have no apparent higher goals than the propagation and self-preservation of their own species, including the elimination of other lifeforms that may pose a threat to their existence.

The origin, nature, name, and possible agenda of the species is presently unknown.

Though they are violent creatures, they are fairly harmless when contained, as they aren't very strong. They can also be hunted and eaten.[1] They are nocturnal creatures.[2]



The creatures have a rather disturbingly humanoid appearance, having a head with two eyes and ears, a small mouth with multiple sharp teeth, and four limbs with five-fingered toes and hands. Given that much of the native life on Kepler-22b strongly resembles life on Earth, this may be yet another coincidental resemblance. After discovering evidence of an ancient human-like presence on Kepler-22b, Father deduces that the creatures are in fact the devolved descendants of said ancient human-like species.

Physical Abilities

The creatures are fast and agile, but aren't very strong.


Although not confirmed, Father strongly suspects that the creatures are in fact descendants of the ancient human-like species who appears to have lived on Kepler-22b.


Throughout Raised by Wolves

They are first seen at the Settlement after the nearby crash of the Heaven's Ark into a mountain, which drew them there. After attempting to attack the children, Mother kills them with her supersonic scream.[3]

Campion believes that Mother may have conjured the creature to make herself seem indispensable to the children. His theory is proven false when the creature attempts to attack, once again.[4]

Father captures one of the creatures and decides to have the children slaughter it, to teach them valuable life skills. Holly wounds the creature. Tempest kills the creature but later regrets it, having discovered that it was a mother. They cook and eat the creature's meat, Holly noting that it tastes like pork.[1] This serves as further evidence that the creatures are in fact descended from a human-like species, as accounts of cannibalism claim that human flesh also tastes like pork.


Season 1


  • They taste like pork.[1]
  • They can wag their tails.[1]
  • They are nocturnal and only come out at night.[2]